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July 2023

The Semicolon has become a recognised symbol for those that thought their life, their story, had run its course, but something changed, and their story, thankfully, continues.

This is my Semicolon Story

June 2023

Almost 50% of Britons do not have a Last Will, and there really is no reason for this.

In this podcast, we look at what a Will does, what the process and costs are, and what happens if you die without a Will.

May 2023

Many men find themselves in a financial mess, particularly if divorced/separated and supporting kids. This podcast looks at some practical ways to help. 

Benjamin Franklin said, “Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.”, and we are all very aware that society, today, seems to be a very angry place.

The ‘Karen’ character shows many women getting angry, often triggered by something fairly minor, yet it is still the stereotype that men are the angriest gender, so…Who are the angriest… men or women? We’ll take a look in this podcast from 22Plusy.com

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Japanese philosophy called Ikegai. What we, in the West, might address as our ‘calling’, but goes right to the heart of our view of self-worth. And we’ll also look at some examples of Ikegai in action and how we might find our own.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the phenomenon of men still being in love with an ex, because of- and in spite of- the past.

We’re all familiar with hatred, but do we know what it does to us?

April 2023

In social psychology, a stereotype is defined as a fixed, over-generalised belief about a particular group or class of people. Well, that’s fairly straightforward. And, like it or not, we’re all guilty of stereotyping.

Yes, and that means you too!

March 2023

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