Car seat cover – Keep your back seats looking great

Car seat cover
Car seat cover - Keep your back seats looking great 2
Car seat cover - Keep your back seats looking great 3
Car seat cover - Keep your back seats looking great 4
Car seat cover - Keep your back seats looking great 5

Above is also Joe. Joe can be a dick sometimes…

Mind my leather seats!!

Joe loves mud and water. The leather seats in my Mazda CX5 hate mud and water, so I turned to the interweb.

Looking through the options there were three main criteria:

  1. Joe had to be safe
  2. My seats had to be protected
  3. Sometimes it would be nice to carry people in the back, rather than just Joe

Looking around for inspiration it soon became clear that the answer was a hammock-style car seat cover.

The usual research into materials, features and, of course, user reviews led me to this one:

Car seat cover - Keep your back seats looking great 6Car seat cover - Keep your back seats looking great 7

Either end of the seat cover can fold-down to protect the seat base when a muddy Joe is getting in and out. It can then be zipped up to protect the door linings, and a strap (supplied) threads around the rear seat grab handles and holds the end panel up.

The mesh section between the front seats can also be unzipped to access the Joes in the back.

If there was one thing that was disappointing, it was the lack of seatbelts. Fortunately, I had two already. These pass through velcro closures and clip into the seat belts. The other end has a dog clip for connecting to a harness.

This is the second hammock-type cover I’ve had and seems to be standing up to use significantly better than the previous one.

So far it has had beach-sodden dogs (sand, seaweed and very wet (plus whatever that disgusting thing was that was in Joe’s mouth). It has also had several muddy trips to the woods but, so far, nothing has gotten on to the seat-leather or the door cards.

If you have one or more mud machines in your life you might be interested in our article about treating your dog. You can find the article here: Man’s Best Friend – on

Car seat cover bt Taygeer

Luxury pet car seat cover for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Features include:

  • Multi-layer fabric with Oxford 600D waterproof upper layer
  • Snap buckles on adjustable straps make fitting easy
  • Seat anchors to hold the cover in place
  • Mesh netting allows your dog to see you and you to see them.
  • The hammock design removes the risk of your dog falling behind the front seats when braking
  • Flaps at either end turn the hammock into a box to protect your door linings
  • Built-in a Pocket for easy storing of personal items such as toys, leads, and water bottles. etc.
  • Just snap the buckle straps around your car’s headrests and insert the seat anchors.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum
  • Machine washable.


  • Should be supplied with seat belt anchors
  • Some universal car seat covers protect the door panels, and some don’t
  • Some pet car seat covers have built-in seat anchors, and some don’t
  • This is the one used for Joe: Dog Car Seat Cover – Amazon
  • You can follow Joe’s antics on facebook here
  • And on Instagram here


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