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22PlusY is a site for men, by men and is not a retail site, nor is it a ‘fake reviews’ type of site. That said, every now and then we come across products that we really like and can offer great products/service or great value… better still, BOTH!

That’s what this post is about.

As a disclaimer, 22PlusY does receive a small commission on any products bought via these links, but it doesn’t affect your buying price, and it does help us to keep this site going.


The first product we like is in the Pets section and is a dog harness.

Not just any old dog harness, though.

Dog Copenhagen has been designing and manufacturing high-quality dog gear suitable for the everyday urban and off-road adventures with your dog since 2015. Their mission is to develop comfortable and durable dog products featuring a functional and attractive design.

It’s the balanced mix of quality, functionality and classic Danish design that differentiates them from other brands.

Why we like them:

  1. Security – With strong design, materials, and assembly, the harnesses will keep or Best Friend safely by our side
  2. Style – There’s no doubt that the Danish influence makes all the products look stunning
  3. Durability – Being well designed and well made these harness will last for years
  4. Price – In the past, we’ve used some of the premier UK brands and, whilst very good, they are considerably more expensive than these.


Discover ‘new’ old technology

This is another product we like. Most of us take what we’re given as being ‘the technological solution’; however, so many different ideas have come and gone over the years.

Building a functional model provides at least three benefits:

  1. The pleasure of building
  2. The pleasure of learning
  3. The finished result for display

Take this model, for example. It is a working engine that uses the Sterling principle for converting heated air to movement, and a swash plate for converting axial movement to rotary. Once built it becomes a beautiful display piece.


A view from afar

Binoculars have always been a great way to add to the experience of being out and about, as well as being highly practical for things like sailing, fishing, plane spotting etc.

When it was time to look for new binoculars we undertook a review of the market and shortlisted several pairs, with the Nikon Prostaff 7S range heading the list. The final choice came down to magnification, weight, and exit pupil, so the 8×42 were the ones chosen

Pros. What we really liked:

  1. Waterproof
  2. Bright image
  3. Light but sturdy
  4. Comfortable neck strap
  5. Within budget, albeit not cheap
  6. A lot of optics for the money


  1. Without a doubt, the rear lens cap is terrible because it cannot be relied upon to stay in place. The best way to deal with this is to accept it and put them in a pocket until ready to put the binoculars away

We wrote about the search for binoculars here:×42/


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