Water Flossing

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We all know about flossing our teeth, but…

Flossing is something that we’ve all heard of, we all know the principle of cleaning between our teeth, but how many do?

Firstly, flossing is awkward. For some, flossing is painful (generally for those with gum disease), and flossing takes time. The net result is that many, perhaps most, don’t floss regularly, despite having floss in the bathroom cabinet.

    Gum disease and an abscess

    Gum disease with an abscess

    Gum disease

    Gum disease

    What if there was an alternative?

    One thing that most guys like is a gadget. If there were a gadget that works for flossing maybe it would get used. Well, the good news is that there is.

    Water, generally warm, is fired through a tiny jet under pressure. the jet nozzle is moved around to aim the jet between the teeth and at the gum-line. This is often known as water flossing.

    Water flossing has been around for some years, but technology has made this more practical and affordable than ever.



       After a fairly short charge time (mine was 75% charged when it arrived) the Water Flosser is ready to use.

      Mine came with four colour-coded heads, one for each of the family, Simply click the head of choice into place. Fill the water reservoir with warm water (cold will give you an ice-cream headache), and find somewhere to test it out.

      There are three modes:

      • Normal – This is the one I ended-up settling on, and I now use one tank of water per use.
      • Soft – When beginning this may be the one to choose, or if doing this for a child.
      • Pulse – This seems to alternate between Normal and Soft.

      Firstly, as tempting as it is, do not try using a mirror, as water will go everywhere.

      Secondly, remember that the head rotates through 360°, so you don’t have to turn the Water Flosser around.

      Initially, you may find some blood. This is probably because your gums are too soft, but within a couple of days, this is gone.

      Start on the lower row in the middle and just run the water flosser around the base and sides of each tooth going right the way to the back. Then do the same for the inner-side, and then the other half of your lower teeth. If you find you are using all the water, just top it up.

      Once done on the lower row move to the upper.

      When I first used the water flosser I used two reservoirs of water for one session. Now that I have the technique sorted I use about 90% of one reservoir.

      The other thing you can do with this particular unit is use it in the shower. It eliminates all the mess, and stops you singing!

        Water Flossing 1


        • Water flossing is fast and effective
        • Some have alternative nozzles
        • Some have separate nozzles for all of the family
        • It is not a replacement for brushing
        • It is not a replacement for regular checks at the dentist
        • This is the one used at 22PlusY: Showerproof Water Flosser

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