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Pizza box with what3words

What3Words is unique

If you extended both arms and could, then, tell anyone in the world precisely where you were standing just by using three English words, imagine how useful and simple that would be. No Northing/Easting numbers, no confusion between coordinate systems, just three simple words.

Here are the three words that do so much… ///harsh.poems.remote… so what?

Let’s say we were meeting in London’s Trafalgar Square, how would we say where; precisely?

Perhaps by the fountain (there are two and each covers an area of around 900m²)

How about GPS coordinates? After all, everyone has GPS in their phones these days. Here you are then, the coordinates of where we’ll meet:

51°30′29.0592″N, 0°7′41.0052″W

Hmm, precise but prone to errors. What we need is something simple, precise, and very easy to communicate. Something like:


That looks simple and easy to use, but what does it mean? And how can it be that there are three words that do so much?

///what3words provides a 3m x 3m fixed location

what3words – a very elegant, global solution

What you have here is a combination of three words in a totally unique sequence. So unique that with just three words you can locate a 3m x 3m square ANYWHERE on the planet. Anywhere at all, even it has no postal address. For example: ///attachments.windowsill.thimble is Mount Everest!

Founded by three guys what3words Limited is a British Company that has developed unique algorithms that have plotted the entire globe, and tagged each 9m² square with three unique words in English, and over 35 other languages! The three-word location tags are fixed and permanent.

Pizza box with what3words

What is the point of what3words?

In my own life, I have noted the what3words locations for all of my family in my phone’s address book. I have also encouraged my family to install the what3words App on their phones in case of emergency or breakdown.

The free App is available for iOS and Android. In the case of an emergency or breakdown, they simply open the App, which will then locate your position automatically, and all that is then needed is to press the ‘Share’ button to send your location to a contact.

Recently, I’ve had to make three 999 calls, two to the police and one to the coastguard. In all cases, the emergency dispatcher was ready to receive the location from my what3words App. Fast, easy and precise.

How about Pizza? Dominos in Sint Maarten now add what3words to the order so making deliveries even faster!

Maybe you’re an angler and want to record the best swims. what3words is so easy to do, and you can also share with other users of the what3words App.


The full scope of what3words will bring us is still being explored, but we already have:

  • Emergency Services
  • Logistics
  • Taxis
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Governments
  • E-Commerce
  • Navigation
  • Car Manufacturers
  • Drone Operations
  • Travel Companies
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • And… Pizza!

Download and install the App… It’s free!

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