Make the most of Coronavirus lockdown

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Getting through the Coronavirus lockdown?

We see many people finding the lockdown during Coronavirus difficult to manage, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

What we’ve done is to look at the different aspects and the different parts of the family, and ways to get through this without going stir-crazy.


Learn to play an instrument


In our article Guitar Lessons – It’s never too late we cover getting started in guitar, but there are some very simple instruments, such as the Kalimba, also known as an African Thumb Piano, that can be learned relatively quickly and with YouTube videos etc.

How about a jigsaw puzzle?

A jigsaw puzzle is a great way to both pass the time, and, if the right puzzle is selected, to do something together as a family.

Some like this colourful rainbow can also be framed as a piece of artwork that is a reminder of the time you were locked-down together.

Make the most of Coronavirus lockdown 3

Seasonal Affected Disorder

Many people are reporting that they feel ‘Down’ because they cannot get outside.

We are, of course, permitted one period of outdoor exercise, but if you have access to your own garden you can use this. If not, you may need to consider adding the necessary UV light, which is medically proven to lift our moods.

A SAD Therapy Light is something that you can experience whilst sitting, reading, doing some chores, or taking a nap!

It’ll also be useful for subsequent winters.

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal is a habit that many have lost, but its true value is in later life when it’s too late to begin.

If you don’t already do this it is a great way of recording your life, and when better to start than when locked down like the rest of the country.

Yes, you can just use a notebook, but you are much more likely to keep the journal going if you use something of quality… something to keep your most prized possesions, your memories.

Discover ‘new’ old technology

Most of us take what we’re given as being ‘the technological solution’; however, so many different ideas have come and gone over the years.

Building a functional model provides at least three benefits:

  1. The pleasure of building
  2. The pleasure of learning
  3. The finished result for display

Take this model, for example. It is a working engine that uses the Sterling principle for converting heated air to movement, and a swash plate for converting axial movement to rotary. Once built it becomes a beautiful display piece.

Useful items:

Mora carving knife

Fallkniven DC4 sharpening stone

(hint: use the leather case as a strop)

Develop new skills

How about something to occupy yourself with, whilst developing a new skill?

My Dad instilled common sense and a love for tools and crafts in me as I grew up. I’d done some block-carving etc. but wanted to go down the whittling route.

Whittling is a low-cost way to get into carving, perhaps even into sculpturing. All that is needed is some small bits of wood, even twigs, and a very, very sharp knife.

YouTube has lots of videos on getting started in whittling, with Doug Linker offering great introduction videos.

With the help of his channel, I have completed several small projects and it is just so rewarding.

Once you have the basics you can take this anywhere once the lockdown is over. I have carried a Victorinox pocket knife for thirty years or more and use it most days for one thing or another. If you have a knife and a means of getting an edge you have everything you need.

It’s also a wonderful thing to be able to hand down to your children and grandchildren. Firstly as toys, and then as a skill, a craft, and an appreciation of the natural world, be they boy or girl. Everyone is fascinated at how a figure can ‘appear’ from a piece of kindling.

Conclusion About Lockdown

Everyone deals with difficult situations differently. Some will struggle with boredom, some may struggle with separation from loved ones, and some will suffer from being restricted to sunlight. Whatever the reason there are ways and means of dealing with it.

If you have access to the internet stay in contact with people via Skype or Facetime etc.

Useful Links

MIND charity advice page – Look after your mental wellbeing

NHS page for advice on Coronavirus – Lots of technical and useful advice about Covid-19

The Imagination Tree – A site full of suggestions for keeping even the youngest engaged.


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